How to use crystal for healing

meditation with Crystals

Crystals can be used for healing purposes by placing them on or near the body, meditating with them, or exposing them to sunlight, moonlight, or X-ray radiation. Here are some ways you can use crystals for healing:

Place crystals on the body: A crystal therapist may place certain crystals on specific parts of the body in hopes that healing and positive energy will flow to that part of the body .
Wear crystals: This form of crystal healing relies more on stabilizing the chakra systems, or energy points, in the body .
Swipe crystals over the body: This technique involves holding a crystal and swiping it over the body in a specific pattern to promote healing and balance .
Use a crystal healing layout: This technique involves placing specific crystals in a specific pattern around the body to promote healing and balance .
Practice calming your mind: Crystals can be used during meditation to help calm your mind and promote relaxation .

When using crystals for healing purposes, it’s important to choose a crystal that aligns with the problem or goal you want to focus on . Each healing crystal has special properties that can help with different issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, and more .